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Just like your smart phone does more than one job, replacing your GPS, replacing your iPod, your pocket camera, your calculator, your flashlight, etc., so your dollars can do multiple jobs.

Financial educators
must challenge the status quo and help others so inclined to cultivate a mindset where one dollar can do many jobs, where there is abundance as opposed to scarcity; and where, in the end, we discover a whole new financial world of wealth utilization and cash flow, not just accumulation and net worth.


of every disposable dollar paid out is interest!


of the cars that are traded in are not paid for!


of every dollar paid out to your mortgages in the first 5 years goes to financing!
A Unique Approach To Your Personal Economy
Wealth Mindset

Are we living our lives with abundance mentality, or are our actions centred on scarcity? For instance, if we believe there is more than enough, we will find ways to save, to give back, and invest in ourselves.

Canadians from all walks of life use life insurance companies profits to accumulate wealth, and to have their money continue to grow while using it elsewhere. Let’s discover what they know.

Most of us are conditioned early in life, by advisors, friends or the media, on how to invest, and most end up paying too many fees, experiencing huge losses, and worst of all, running out of time to start all over again.


FINANCING has become a daily reality for Canadians. Over our working lifetimes, the interest we pay to finance the things we buy ...

Reliable Returns

OWNERS who use our recommended concepts have seen consistent and predictable cash on cash compounding returns year after year.


With our CONCEPTS your money is safe. It averages higher more stable returns than a high interest savings account.

Tax Deferred

EACH YEAR YOU will have a big smile on your face when you receive your anniversary statement showing all the growth in your funds ...
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